Foster A Teen. Save A Future.
These kids have a message for anyone reluctant to foster teens.
Jack's Story
Siblings taken into foster care, separated by adoption - closer than ever. Teens in foster care CAN have happy endings and new beginnings.
One Less
Children Legally Free for Adoption in SC
Harold and Lily-Resource/Adoptive Parents
Daniel - The Story of One Foster Child
Foster/Resource Family Works Closely with Birth Parent
Jessica, a birth parent, describes the importance of having a good relationship with the foster/resource parents caring for her children during their time of separation.
Rocky - A Birth Parent
Rocky is a birth parent who, due to his own concern for the safety of his child, contacted authorities to have her removed from his home.
Christine - Advice for Foster Parents
Christine shares about a life lived within the foster care system. She offers advice to current and prospective foster and resource families.
Heartfelt Calling-The Least of These
Foster and adoptive parents are special people with a special calling to make a difference in the life of a child. Having a family can mean the dif...
Heartfelt Calling is a program of the South Carolina Foster Parent Association. We work to recruit great families for SC children in need.